Eldritch Tales

by Space God Ritual

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"What makes Space God Ritual more worthy of your attention than other stoner rock acts? They have that 70's fuzzy guitar tone, occult overtones and riffs aplenty. But what they have that sets them apart is the sense of foreboding and drama that you would, ironically, find in a lovecraftian novel."
-The Sleeping Shaman

"It all comes together for a doom-soaked experience with plenty of kick to the drums and dark, groovy riffs that slide right into place."
-Ride With The Devil

"The aspect that causes, and will cause, a person's ear to hunger for more of the Ritual is the almost dramatic sound found in every song."

"Eldritch Tales is full of tragic figures from doomed men of science to (nec)romantic women, all of which make suitable subject matter for downtuned riffs.
-Paranoid Hitsophrenic

"...the band have their act together, know their idiom inside-out and are ready to start carving out a larger slice of the doom pie."
-Temple of Perdition

" And it actually doesn't get any more traditional than this. These doomsters have no need for modern day arrangements, elaborate psychedelic passages or grunts. Nope, this is straight forwarded doom rock, coming directly from the darkest realms of the seventies and preparing to blast a scorching hot summer through your speakers."
-Merchants of Air

Produced by Brendan Butler at Morose Music Studios, Portland, Oregon
Mastered by Sage Audio


released October 20, 2013

Brendan Butler-All instruments
Alexander Olaff- All Vocals
Guest leads- Kalvin Williams



all rights reserved


Space God Ritual Portland, Oregon

Space God Ritual was formed in 2010 and has had a rotation of artists at the helm. The current line up consists of musician Brendan Butler and vocalist Alexander Olaf. These brave souls have faced untold horrors, both eerie and pestilent, barely escaping with their lives. All this to return with their lurid tales. Another grimoire in the Doom Metal genre is about to creak open its binding. ... more

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Track Name: The Elder Door
At the Beginning, of autumns dawn
I conjure forth, the Elder Door
Through the gates, the piping sound
Feel the shaking, of the ground
Yog Sothoth comes, to clear the slate
To rid the world, of its fleshly state
The titter, of un-blessed things
Evoken sight, doth madness brings
Track Name: Madness!
Unknown is this threshold, that you traverse so carelessly
Men of science you called yourselves, until your minds were lost
Ancient ruins buried in ice, beneath the Antarctic Circle
You found a story so dark and perverse, you could not see
Your sanity slipping!

You cry out, no one hears you
Lost in the grips of madness
Mind besieged waking nightmares
You now live in utter madness

You stare long into the abyss, and find its gaze you
Feel its tentacles reaching out, feel its grip on your mind
Gleaming eyes watching from shadows, you scream out but know one hears
Multi-tongued voices whisper, secrets in your sleeping ear


Feels as though I’ve lost all control
Sinking down, fall in endless void
Hands reach out; I look for grip to hold
Lost to all, I’m lost in madness
Oh no!
Track Name: The Weeping
Words go unspoken, tales go untold
Bygone secrets lost, lore that makes the blood run cold
Heroic journeys, lore and philosophies
None of the blind can see, in this world of misery

Now, we are weeping
The time, of death draws nigh

Ideals of poison, motives of war; centers of learning empty
Nobody reads anymore, electronic, masters
And their empty slaves, slowly wasting, away all our brains


Now there’s nothing that you can do
If you want to live like them too
Only the few will reality find
All of the wisdom that’s left in their minds
So pray to the bastards of technology
And grind away the hours ‘till eternity

Now the chains are broken, and the people free
Vast fires burn the sky, with electric wizardry
Forests are growing, intellects return
The people are happy, the children learn
Track Name: Necromantic Woman
Choirs scream, up in the sky
Crosses invert, whenever she walks by

Necromantic Woman

Speak the words, raise the dead
This lonely woman, he takes to the bed


By the four winds I call to you
By the creeping things of the soil I speak
Rise from your earthly domain
Under a sky which the rain doth streak
Free my heart from its lonely bonds
Match my gaze with yours
Husband of mine from a long distant time
From this tomb I command thee to rise
Oh deathly husband of mine

Track Name: Mad Alhazred
He spat out visions, of his travels in the deep
Beyond the ocean, of endless dunes
Where he encountered a race, a terror that’s never been seen
Sit now and listen and ill tell you what he wrote

The mad Alhazred
Wanders the Dunes
The mad Ahazred
Pondering his doom

I lay awake on sleepless nights, trying to understand why he chose
Me to tell of his astral flight, through the universe
I tell you now from within my dreams, the very demons he described
And now the thing I fear the most, is where I’ll go when I die

I’ll never be the same, since I met the mad Arab
Now I know his words, I can’t escape, the doom of the mad Arab

They came and took him, to the throne of a mighty god
The devil of the astral verse, known as Azathoth
What they told me of his pilgrimage, filled my mind with what he saw
The music of the cosmic flutes, designed to torture souls

Track Name: The Web of the Witch World
Out world man, who claims to have the power
Will you be our savior, can you face the tower
Evil malice of Kolder, Looms from the Sea
Legion of the Dead, threaten humanity

It’s the web of the witch world, man you gotta beware
It the web of the witch, invoke the power if you dare

Sulcarkeep is destroyed, the first blow is struck
Tregarth is captured, upon the table of conversion he’s strapped
Escape in flying machine, Encounter Island of the obscene
Death beyond the gate, enemy of Kolder escape
It’s the web of the witch world, open your eyes
It’s the web of the witch world; you have no choice its fight or die

Journey through the storm and sea, ship wrecked on distant shore
Crawling through the Hole of Volt, thrice horned the old ones are
Beseech those who claim the sea, sail into the fray
Separate and conquer now, fighting the fire with power

Traverse the gate, find the secrets within
Those of the other world, drink the blood of those they seek
Massacre provides distraction, to move unseen
Final conflict ends, man has toppled the great machine

The Web weaves on!
Track Name: The Doom of Sarnath
Virtuous people of the sea, defeated by minions of mans cruelty
Sent back to the depth, to pass from all memory
Only to rise in time, exacting their merciless plan

Rising for vengeance, killings of attrition
Ancients arise from the depths, to take back their stolen lives

Doomed city by the sea, now lays quiet and dead
The people cry out in anguish, their sins they now lament
Claimed by the ghosts of doomed Sarnath’s past
The Bokrug’s lust for vengeance, will be man’s death

The battle was bloody and timeless, the sun now raises red
The waters run scarlet with death, usurpers are driven to graves
The sound of pain and torment fall upon deaf ears, no one will come and save them
Descendants of long past years

The lights have gone out, all over Sarnath
Where once there was light, there now is only death
The specters now recede, to their water graves
Their vengeance now complete
Sarnath is dead!

Pre Chorus
Track Name: Eldritch Tales
It falls, from the sky, to bring your doom
The land withers and dies, draining the force of light
The color swirls and spreads, an evil from the stars
The mortal coil you shed, to be food for the gods

Heed the eldritch tales, feel the way they twist your mind
Heed the eldritch tales, lost to oblivion for all time

Ascend the tempest mount, to find the lurking fear
For reasons I cannot account, I am a prisoner here
The lightening calls them out, to feast on human flesh
Trying not to shout when secrets are made clear


The smell it overwhelms, the air begins to chill
Living beyond the realms, of human life
The air begins to warm, spelling the doom of him
He has been torn, from his synthetic life

Your hear mechanized whirls, within the veil
A world gone unseen, brought to our sight
Massive bodies shift, beyond space and time
The professor is now gone, taken back with them